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Kakheti Tour

One Day Kakheti Tour

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We organize unique high quality one day tours around Georgia. This post offers you different types of one day tours that will satisfy needs and wishes of every traveler. We offer you various options of short trips, excursions and week-end tours to some of the most stunning parts of  Georgia. Georgia – is mystery country, a country of  legends,  a country with ancient history and unique culture, kind and open people, a country of flowers and songs, country of churches, myths, mountains and blue sky. Georgia in the South Caucasus is probably one of the most exotic and exciting ones if you are looking for a destination that challenge you and amazes you

Explore the  places of Georgian traditional winemaking. Georgia is believed to be the birthplace of wine over 8000 years ago. The earliest evidence of wine making has been found here, and the word “wine” is derived from the Georgian word “gvino”. Georgia is not only the country with the earliest record of winemaking, moreover it is home to unique wine-making traditions and techniques as well as of grape-varieties which are not well-known throughout the world. Georgian wine was, and  still  is  produced in buried clay fermenting pots called Kvevri.
Over 500 varieties of grapes are found in Georgia, a greater diversity than anywhere else in the world. Around 40 of these different grapes are used in wine production. The combination of Natural mineral spring water from the Caucasus mountains, mild winters and warm summers provide perfect conditions for wine making.

Today we are going to Kakheti . It will be a fascinating journey to the eastern part of Georgia to enjoy the mountain scenery, picturesque villages, ancient temples and life of the locals. Tasting unique Georgian wines and an acquaintance with the secrets of winemakers is a special zest of this tour to Kakheti. Exploring Kakheti province you will visit town of Sighnaghi, Sighnaghi History and Ethnography Museum, Bodbe Nunnery and have a taste of variety of traditional dishes and famous wines.

A Royal town Signagi surrounded with defense wall, one of the biggest fortifying walls in Georgia. In 1770 King Heraclius II put Sighnaghi in the list of towns. A view from the town wall allows visitors to look over the Gombori range, where you can view Alazani Valley and the great Caucasus mountains in the distance.

Bodbe Convent, where the relics of virgin St.Nino of Cappadocia, Equal to the Apostles and enlightener of Georgia reposed, is situated in eastern Georgia (Kakheti), two kilometers south of the city of Sighnaghi, in a picturesque place, at the feet of the Great Caucasian Range. The convent has a miraculous view of the Alazani Valley and the snow-capped mountains of Caucasus. In Sighnaghi people produce Their own vintage wine (Kvevri). You will be invited to join a wine degustation.

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